Before I went into the biomedical field for my PhD I was a physicist at a national laboratory doing space-based research. I got into physics in the first place because I loved space. In my home country there wasn’t that much light pollution; so I could stare at the stars and imagine what it’s like out there. And also realize how little each person is. I would read up on everything space related I could get my hands on. And being a part of projects that touched the edge of our planet made me feel great.

My youth also sparked a general interest in nearly everything scientific. From the way-outside-of-my-field to the publications that my academic and industry competitors put out. And in a lot of my service I focus on getting people interested in science. Right now, people seem to be most interested in one aspect of science: microbiology. But there’s so much more. And if we can get people interested in science and listening to people with the knowledge, maybe our great world can get even greater. I love the idea of looking up to scientists the way I look up in to the sky: with admiration and a realization of what’s important in life. And if scientists were treated with the respect of the people on ‘insert celebrity gawking show here’, then the world be better. I’m convinced of it. And it’s sad when things like my adopted country launching astronauts into space is barely passed over in the news. Everyone I talked to about this leading up to the launch had no clue that we were about to do something amazing. I know people don’t care about this stuff anymore, but people need to.

Tomorrow, Crew Dragon Demo-2 gets another shot at an absolutely incredible feat. And if the news doesn’t care to cover it, then I’m yelling to anyone that will listen.

I meant to post this weeks ago but forgot to hit Publish…

I’ve always been good at keeping myself busy. In my personal life I’ve always had more things to do than time to do it. Since my progeny started to have some regularity to sleep, I started to have a little bit of time to do other things. And since we haven’t been able to get out much between the parental leave and stay-at-home orders I have become even better at keeping myself occupied on the personal front. A large portion of this is TV, books, and podcasts below that I’ve partook in the past few months.

Podcasts that have preserved my sanity:

No Such Thing as a Fish

Snap Judgment

Infinite Monkey Cage

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

99% Invisible




Disappearing Sppon

Your Inner Fish


Drug Hunters


TV that has preserved my sanity:


The Sinner

Bob’s Burgers

Killing Eve


I honestly haven’t had as much to write about because I’m not doing as many committee meetings or lab work since we’ve been having to stagger the people in the lab and we’re heavy on lab and not computational work right now (we go through cycles)

Other than that, the two summer conferences I usually attend have been canceled. I’m a co-chair for one so that’s a lot of work gone to waste. But we’re having it remotely. I had been doing some travel for work before all these restrictions hit, which I welcomed because I was cooped up so much. I’ve been putting together some decent stories for the next round of grant deadlines and they are corresponding well with students graduating. So hopefully I can bring in some fresh minds with semi-fresh grant topics to keep myself excited. My plan is to start anew and keep my the amount of students down. Now that I’m not trying to hit tenure with a wicked amount of students and papers I can focus in a little more on some high-risk ideas. So long as we’re allowed to step back into the lab.

I hope everyone is listening to the proper authorities and staying sane!