A lot of foods I like literally make me sick right now.  I can’t make my noodle broths, I can’t make any barbecue, and I can’t drink to forget that I can’t have the foods I can’t have.  Also, waking up not because of my alarm, but because I feel like I need to barf is just great /s.  Good grief.


4 thoughts on “Barf

  1. Ugh, that sucks. You must be coming up on the end of the 1st trimester by now, right? I know that there are those unlucky folks who barf all through pregnancy, but hopefully it’ll clear up for you within the next few weeks! Then you can sit back and enjoy the best trimester, when you might actually feel like your non-pregnant self again for a bit!


    • I have heard that the 2nd trimester is “golden”, and wholly intend on taking advantage of that to have some resemblance of normalcy. In six months, I just really don’t want to be hating food I used to like because of these three months. I’m so over this.


  2. I’m really sorry to hear you’re so sick. It will pass, but I know that’s cold comfort at this moment…

    I was sick through all three pregnancies, each one worse than the last (the first one just nausea 8-14 weeks with a few barfing incidents; the second one weeks 6-18 with a lot of puking; the last one I swear started before week 4 and lasted until after week 20; I puked non-stop). It was awful while it lasted, but obvs worth it.

    Just focus on what you can keep down, usually bland foods (toast, crackers) and make sure you stay hydrated (soups, gatorade). I also drank a lot of water with just a little bit of lemon squeezed into it. You will be eating all your faves soon enough!


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