Annoyed with checking-in

Welp, we’re about ready to schedule some phone interviews.  I got one of the industry ex-pat candidates I really like, but the rest are relatively run-of-the-mill.  So I’m just hoping they don’t blow it.

Today at the end of the meeting, the chair was complaining about the number of check-in emails to know what’s happening with the status of the search.  I know some schools are already bringing candidates out, so us being a little later must be a little anxiety-inducing.  When he was complaining he had no sympathy for the job-seekers it twisted me up a little inside.  I’m sure it can be annoying to have to deal with this every day, but does he not remember what it was like on the other end?  I distinctly remember having to wait and wait and when I finally got emails it was great, but it would have been nice to know if I wasn’t even under consideration.  Even if the school’s job portal just had a ‘no longer under consideration’ next to my application, that would have been nice.  I remember getting a few rejections over email, but knowing I’m not a fit early on would be nice.  Especially since it allows me to say yes or no to a school knowing that the one I wanted doesn’t want me.

So I mentioned to him that he must remember how stressful the job search is, and he said it was easy for him to find a job.  He talked about how his research and teaching statements were afterthoughts and 30 years ago how easy him and everyone he know had it (I told one of my old advisors this and he disagreed though).  But (maybe) unsurprisingly he couldn’t put himself in the current candidates’ shoes about how tough the market is now.  I understand not being able to say no, but he seemed to care exactly zero about them.  Maybe I’m just more sensitive that the other members.

I think it’s okay to check on the status of a search.  I didn’t do it, but I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to know how things are going, or to update one’s CV.  Clearly, my committee doesn’t think so.


2 thoughts on “Annoyed with checking-in

  1. My admin said something about legal issues regarding contacting candidates early. I forget the details, but I remember the gist being that there could be trouble with contacting anyone with a declination email before the search is closed.


    • So, that’s what I had thought, and I entirely understand, but I would just delete the email then or forward it to the admin. I never complain about random emails, but maybe after seeing 100s of people checking in, that could get annoying.


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