Sports and stuff

I was lucky enough to have both an academic and athletic scholarship paying for my undergraduate education.  Sports has helped me develop in so many great ways and I absolutely intend on having my children enroll in sports.  It helped teach me teamwork, the importance of exercise, navigating different social relationships, and helped me develop into the confident person I am today.  Occasionally, I’ll glance at the TV in a bar if there are sports on, but I don’t really pay attention.  Watching other people play just isn’t interesting to me.  Fine, if that’s your thing, but it’s just not for me.  I do love playing though.  I’m in two co-ed relaxed leagues and I truly do love and appreciate sports.

So now that I’ve said what I like, here’s what I dislike: big-name sports.  My university is an R1 school with big NCAA Division I teams.  This means that during football season things get wild with plenty of drunkards, fights, .  Now I’m not going to get into how much of the state money gets pumped into sports ( (; this is more about how I have to plan some of my weeknights and weekends around what sports events are happening.  I like that people can get together and cheer on their home team, but I don’t like the vomit, trash, and general hooliganery that accompanies these events.  I can deal with the fact that every once in a while the parking costs will go up for events, and that there will be crowds.  It’s no different than a concert or conference.  But why do these events bring out the worst in a lot of people?  I know that only a small percentage of the fans there are the shitty people, but they stand out, and no one does anything about it.  Just a rant.

Aside from all of that, this semester is already kicking my ass.  The new class I have, plus some projects at home, and trying to set up a new project have made my free time less sparse.  My cup is running near-empty at the end of every day.  This is where delegation will have to come in.  At home and for class I can’t delegate, so I’m giving a lab tech and my post-doc each an extra project and I’m only going to want the really high-level stuff for now.  I’m just hoping that when things clear up in a bit that I will be able to have a detailed meeting with each of them and the project won’t have progressed too far off track.  I trust my tech, but I’m not sure about my post-doc whether they’ll come through.  This will be really tough for me because it’s tough for me to break free and trust other people with my tasks.


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