Thanksgiving criticism

I don’t always visit my family for Thanksgiving because I have a hypercritical parent. Things I’ve been criticized so far in these two days:

1. My lifestyle (they just don’t like how I live)

2. My relationships

3. My photography hobby

4. My drawing hobby

5. That I read too much

6. My backpacking habit (they think it’s dumb)

7. Quitting my high paying corporate job to ‘teach’

8. My eyes (allergies make them a little puffy)

My siblings defend me, though most of it they just give weird looks since a lot of the criticism doesn’t make any damn sense.

I’m thinking about next year writing a life proposal ahead of time so I can just get parental review comments rather than having to hear it when I show up. It would be cheaper than a flight 🙂

To all of you who celebrate, I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving with only minimal family drama and plenty of full bellies!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving criticism

  1. Sounds real nice to have critical parents contained to one time of the year 😉 In this expat home Thanksgiving is usually referred to as “Thursday”. Maybe if we get citizenship one day we’ll take it more serious.


  2. I have come to terms with the fact that my parents, sibling, and husband don’t actually get me at all and thus don’t appreciate my passions, hobbies, and creative output. As a result, I no longer bring these up with them. Ever.

    My mom is hypercritical, so I have very little interaction with her. Dad (they’re divorced) still treats me like a little girl, so I have little interaction with him, too.

    Honestly, key to happiness (or at least calm) is a) removal of people who piss you off, b) keeping it civil but cold and aloof with those you cannot remove.


    • Cold and aloof! I hear that. But I thought that would only work with those you don’t see much, like parents? And with my parent I don’t really care what they think any more. I go there out of guilt/obligation. With an SO though, I thought part of the contract was at least faking some interest in hobbies? Family is tough……..


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