My last (untenured) summer (hopefully)

This is it.  The semester is nearly done.  Just one final and I can dedicate myself solely to my research (and some fun travel!).  I’m trying to put together a list of what I want to do, important deadlines, and who I want doing which tasks.  Planned more meticulous than I’ve ever done before.  And why?  The T-word.  This is my last summer un-break that I have before I need to start preparing my package.  My goal is to have five papers nearly done, three grant applications in, and ten conference abstracts submitted.  I have this awesome set of experiments I am so excited about seeing the results of.  All of this while not having to worry about teaching in the classroom.

Vacation-wise I have four trips planned: two backpacking trips, and two tourist-ey trips.  For the backpacking trips I won’t be able to keep an eye on my students since I won’t have reception, but for the vacation I can, and will.  Normally, I don’t care, but it’s crunch time.  The summer are partially why I decided to make the jump to academia.  I’m not the kind to fuck off and screw around, and I do love teaching, but 100% dedication to my research will keep this fire going.  Time to science


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